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When Ed Christofano heard the news about Diamond Pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant selling its retail operation to CVS Pharmacy in late 2013, he said he was saddened for the people of the borough who were longtime customers there.

“Mt. Pleasant has always had a pharmacy in town, and then all of a sudden, it didn’t,” said Christofano, a borough resident and a pharmacist who, in 2007, assumed ownership of Hayden’s Pharmacy based in Youngwood.

The news recently led Christofano, president and chief executive officer of Christofano Associates LLC, to purchase the building housing the In Town Shops in Mt. Pleasant from the Mt. Pleasant Business Authority. The parent company of Hayden’s Pharmacy of Youngwood, Christofano Associates LLC opened a second pharmacy in 2010 Greensburg Area.

Christofano now plans to establish a third operation under the Hayden’s Pharmacy name in a 1,700-square-foot space at the In Town Shops building located at 535 W. Main St., he said.

“Our company purchased the entire building from the borough in hopes to renovate and bring a state of the art pharmaceutical facility that still has the old, ‘corner drug store’ feel to it,” Christofano said.

Christofano’s plan to open a pharmacy at the site is pending approval of an application he submitted to the state Board of Pharmacy for a license to practice there, he said.

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