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Nebulizer Medication Program

Attention All Physicians & Healthcare Providers:
We at Hayden’s Pharmacy have designed this program with no hassles for your patients. We work directly with your office to insure the medication prescribed is delivered to the patient quickly and accurately to prevent therapy interruptions.

Insurance Programs Accepted:
We are able to bill Nebulizer Medications to: Medicare, Security Blue, Freedom Blue, Bravo Health, and more!

*Patients would be responsible for insurance co-pays according to their insurance plans.

#1 - Same Day Service

Hayden’s Pharmacy staff works with you an your physician to gather the necessary information for processing your orders promptly.

#2 - Billable to your Insurance

Hayden’s Pharmacy accepts Medicare, Security Blue, Freedom Blue, Bravo Health, & more! We will bill your insurance directly!

#3 - Free Shipping

Hayden’s Pharmacy will ship your medication to your home FREE OF CHARGE! These shipments can be automatic every month or when you call for a refill.