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Long before Ed Christofano set out for pharmacy school, he was already becoming a historian of the profession he considers to be a timeless form of art.

“What attracted me to it was how pharmacists and the practice of pharmacy were seen in the community,” said Christofano, president and chief executive officer of Christofano Associates LLC — parent company of Youngwood-based Hayden’s Pharmacy.

“I’m just fascinated with the history of it all, so I collect and appraise pharmacy antiques,” he said.

Over time, Christofano has amassed a vast collection of pharmaceutical tools and devices from bygone eras — quite literally an interactive encyclopedia representing the profession’s evolution, he said.

From vintage torsion balances to age-old bottles of medication to early-model drug decanters, Christofano said his cache reaches back well into the 19th century.

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