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Rx Delivery Service 

Hayden’s Pharmacy customers can be assured the quality and tradition of personalized pharmacy service is the foundation of our business.

We still offer Rx delivery service as one of these personalized services in our community!

Prescription Delivery:
Hayden’s Pharmacy still offers Rx Delivery service to our customers and patients. Our delivery service is ideal for local senior citizens or the “on-the-go” patient. We deliver prescriptions, household items, cough and cold products, vitamins, bread, milk, and more!

Delivery Schedule:
Monday – Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturdays: Emergency situations

*We ask all deliveries are called in by 11am for same day service.

**We deliver in Youngwood, Greensburg, and the surrounding areas.

Delivery Fee applies

Don't Forget!

We also offer Emergency 24 Hour Service.
A Pharmacist is on-duty 24 hours a day in your  time of need!